We are having the following facility for manufacturing quartz ware:

  1. Heathway 120 mm bore lathes
  2. Heathway 100 mm bore lathes
  3. B+C lathe 80 mm bore lathes
  4. Litton lathe 65 mm bore lathes
  5. Woodland lathe 30 mm bore lathe
  6. Veer workshop lathe 150 mm bore lathe
  7. Veer workshop lathe 100 mm bore lathes
  8. Veer workshop lathe 70 mm bore lathes
  9. Diamond cutting machines
  10. Surface grinding machines
  • We source raw material from Simax, linuo and Ge Quartz.
  • On the quality control side, all our furnaces have digital temperature indicator to maintain uniform annealing temperature.
  • The products go through more than 5 steps of quality control before being individually checked by a product manager before packing.