Silicon Septa & Silicon Tubing

silicon septa silicon tubing
Silicon Septa Silicon Tubing
Silicone tubing is the softest and most flexible tubing.

It is translucent white. Unlike vinyl tubing, there is no plasticizer dissolved in the tubing material.

The tubing is pure polymerized silicones with nothing to leach out. This makes silicone tubing suitable for use with most solvents, especially when used at room temperature and with short (< 24 hr) contact periods.

Temperature range – 60 degree C to +200 degree C, odourless, tasteless, inert, resilient, stretchable and resistant to compression set, good electrical and weather ability properties, resists U.V, Ozone, gases and moisture. It`s Applications is peristaltic pumps, hot water feeds, laboratory, food service, beverage service.

Silicone rubber tubing sizes start from 0.2mm ID up to 50mm OD and can be supplied in quantities of 10meter.

Silicone tubing sizes

Inner diameter in mm Outer diameter in mm Quantity per case in meter
1 3 10
2 4 10
3 5 10
4 7 10
5 8 10
6 9 10
6 12 10
8 12 10
8 15 10
10 14 10
12 18 10
The silicon septa is a high quality rubber septa designed with serrated bottom for sealing open-top glass vessels as well as standard taper joints. Ideal for moisture or air sensitive applications.

These Septas have serrated sealing capability to the inside of the vessel, as well as the turn-over top seal. Autoclave able and packaged in white-room conditions.

Sizes :

1. 14/23
2. 19/26
3. 24/29
4. 29/32