Mono Quartz Distillation

Mono Quartz Distillation Unit – manual

VITSIL mono quartz distillers being very compact and the construction material being high purity quartz, it meets the standard of the analytical laboratory where purity of distilled water free from metallic ions and bacteria is criteria.

Description of Apparatus

The boiler is made of high purity quartz and the condenser is of borosilicate/quartz material. The built in heater provides from minimum loss of heat and production of distilled water in 2-3 minutes. The unit is mounted on a powder coated metal stand with Electrical connections and is easy to dismantle and assemble the unit. Fibre glass insulated wire and silicone rubber boot resists high temperatures.

Advantages of Apparatus

  • Distilled water output is immediate.
  • Pyrogen free, free of heavy metals.
  • Efficient borosilicate/quartz coil condenser.
  • Can be easily converted to bi-distillation apparatus.
  • Powder coated stand for rust free operation.


Dist. Water Output cap. (Approx.) 1.5 Liters/hour 2.5 Liters/hour 5 Liters/hour 10 Liters/hour
Electrical requirements 230-250 volts single phase 1.2 KW 230-250 volts single phase 2.2 KW 230-250 volts single phase 4.4 KW 440 volts 3 phase 7.5 KW
Cooling water consumption 30 Liters/hour 50 Liters/hour 70 Liters/hour 130 Liters/hour
Biological Activity Pyrogen Free Pyrogen Free Pyrogen Free Pyrogen Free
pH 6 - 7 6 - 7 6 - 7 6 - 7
Conductivity S/cm < 3 X 10-6 < 3 X 10-6 < 3 X 10-6 < 3 X 10-6
Note: Distilled water is free from ions and bacteria. Hence it is difficult to measure pH and conductivity values. Distilled water conductivity will be less than 2 micro siemens for units with quartz condenser.


  • Quartz boiler
  • Borosilicate/Quartz condenser
  • Quartz receiver 2 liters capacity with stopper and stopcock.
  • Powder coated stand (inform the Model No. while ordering for Spares)